SeaGeeks for Home and Home Businesses

Many of us have come to consider our computers as extensions of ourselves. Our personal librarian for music, films and books, our social director, our preferred method of communication with friends and family, our financial and tax advisor, etc. Plus, many people now do some or even all of their work on their home computer, so when it slows down, we slow down, and if it isn't working, sometimes neither can we. Well, we're here to make sure that doesn't happen!

  • Your one stop for Service, Support, Repair and Training
  • Regular Tuesday through Saturday appointments, with Sundays and evenings by request
  • NO SALESMEN! We don't sell computers, we fix them
  • We are "home networking magicians!" (not our words)
  • Integrated entertainment - movies, music, even art and photos all connected
  • Fast, friendly service techs who are never condescending
  • Top of the line security protocols for your personal and financial safety
Unlike some other geeks, we don't tell you what your computer wants from you, we ask what you want from your computer. It's your property, after all, and nothing more than a tool, so we have the strange idea that it should be the one to adapt to your needs. Want it simpler? We can make it easy as a toaster! Safer? We'll lock it up like Fort Knox. Faster? Sit down and hang on!

We speak Mac, Linux and Windows, and more importantly we get them to speak to each other. That's right, your Droid, your PC, and your iPad, all working together like one big diverse and happy family living in harmony -- very Bay Area! Speaking of which: We also offer our customers free electronics recycling, and are happy to consult and advise on low- and ultra-low-energy technology solutions. To set up a house call, or if you have any other questions, please call (800) 709-1940 or for a quick response and prompt, courteous service.

NOTE: If this is an emergency, please click here for priority service! 

Call us Toll Free at (800) 709-1940, or for prompt, courteous service.

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